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This FREE Trial Exhibit checklist will outline all of the items needed to prepare trial graphics and medical exhibits for your upcoming personal injury or medical malpractice case.


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MedLegalVisuals will provide you with the benefit of our knowledge and experience working with the top trial attorneys across the nation creating medical trial exhibits for their injury cases. We have helped trial attorneys in New York City and across the nation to obtain the fastest settlements and largest multi-million dollar damages awards.

MedLegalVisuals has helped to maximize the the value of their cases with trial exhibits for all types of personal injury and medical malpractice cases. We specialize in the creation of medical legal visuals. This includes; case specific medical exhibits, medical legal exhibits, medical legal illustrations, medical legal visuals, medical illustrations, trial exhibits, colorized diagnostic films, colorized X-Ray films, colorized MRIs and even medical timelines.

You can also utilize interactive digital presentations, 3D medical legal animations, 3D CT Scan Visualizations and custom anatomical models for an upcoming injury case. Medical Legal Visuals exclusively for trial attorneys is our focus and specialty.


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